The Story 

The birth of a Nation is tied to a trade war in the region.


Story Summary 

Spellbound delves into the enchanting and enigmatic influence of love and its intersection with the spectacle of life. Love, a constant force we yearn to comprehend, is often unreliable and inescapably complex. 

The narrative is character-driven, set in the early 17th century, with the backdrop of the Cossack and serf uprising, led by Bohdan Khmelnitsky. The story follows the eyes and experiences of Bohdan's lifelong friend, Vlad Sur. In 1649, Bohdan and Vlad triumphantly entered Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, as liberators, and began creating an independent Ukrainian Cossack State. However, their relationship soured when Bohdan pledged allegiance to the Tsar of Muscovy in 1654, leading to the end of their friendship and Vlad's redirection.

The story begins with the fallout of the love triangle between Sir Forrest Lamb, Sir Thomas Smythe, and a young English woman. In 1600, the Queen of England christened Sir Thomas Smythe's trading company, the East India Company, which became the world's largest company with over 55,000 employees.

Forrest trained his son, Nigel, to take over the company, which was devastated by the East India Company's ruthless business practices in the trade routes. Nigel, instead of directly competing with the company, ventured into importing wine after falling in love with Rose on a trip to Italy. After perfecting his branding and supply chain, Nigel diversified and expanded his network, earning an excellent reputation. His success caught the East India Company's attention, and they weren't willing to let their trade routes be compromised.

Vlad eventually partnered with Nigel's expanding trade network, controlling the flow of goods into the region, and helping to influence Poland and Russia to cement Bohdan's dream of a new nation. Nigel's alliance with Vlad as a regional partner created leverage for Vlad in the region while drawing the East India Company's attention to Vlad and his family.

Family and love are the main drivers of Spellbound, as they are in all humanity. Rigel and Inga, the children of Nigel and Vlad, became friends, and eventually, their friendship blossomed into first love, driving the storyline. The competition between the trade networks added a diverse cast of rich and compelling characters from all walks of life.


The Story of Family...The Story of Love


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