The story of life, is a story of love.

Spellbound weaves a captivating narrative of love, espionage, mystical intrigue, and political upheaval set in early 17th-century Europe.

At its core is a gripping account of regional strife, pitting the Cossacks of Ukraine against an English trade company vying for dominance against the powerful East Indian Trading Company.

The story is rich in compelling characters and intricate storylines that emerge as alliances are forged and trade routes are contested.

The Story of Love...

Spellbound captures the magical and mysterious influence of love and how it interacts with the spectacle of life.  

For love is the one constant that we all wish to account for, yet can ostensibly, rarely count on. 

Driving Innocence

Spellbound shares the story of love through the innocence of youth, and into the nuanced barriers formed by all humans, when exposed to long-term familiarity and confluent attractions.  

Love captures many moments and fuses them into one long thread, that makes up the fabric of our existence.  Eventually, we realize that the best person we can be, will never be the person alone and free. 


Diverse Characters

We offer the most natural path to introduce a diverse suite of characters.  Spellbound tells a story of inclusion, as it should have been realized in our history.  

After all, our true family will always be the people we keep in our lives or bring into our lives.  Our focus is to inspire kinship and that becomes a reality when everything is simply fluid and natural.  

Richness of Life

Spellbound is rooted in the art of capturing and conveying the richness of life’s journey. 

We tell the story of individuals in history, as realized by the experiences of the people that are their closest allies in life.   An opportunity to realize the perspective of the people that make up our personal journeys.  Something that resonates on a more profound level.

Compelling History

There are many historical inflection points in this time that accelerate and complicate the journey for our characters.   

Events ranged from the Execution of King Charles I, a trusted friend of Alexis of Russia, who then bans all English traders.  To the Fall of China's Ming Dynasty,  Europe’s Thirty-Year War, and several compelling stories that create bridges to historical events.



The Final days of the Mage

The laws of physics, are mostly unabated rules that hold dominion over humanity.  However, the universe perpetuates itself by constantly adapting its own physical laws over time.  

Humans become constants in the Universe.   We explore the variables in this space and time.  The variables which alter the laws of nature. 

Tales Brought to Life

Artists have painted vivid pictures of fable and fantasy since thoughts were carried to words.

Spellbound brings the stories forward with feasible tie-ins that require very little imagination from the audience.  We fill in the gaps of history with nuanced relational elements of realism.  You will believe again. 

The Families of Spellbound

The sum of the whole, affords us a chance to tell a tale, as we each live our lives.  Family is the centerpiece of Spellbound. 
 An ever evolving and expanding family.  

Lamb Family

The story begins with the creation of a competing trading company after Sir Forrest Lamb, and Sir Thomas Smythe’s friendship dissolved over the love of a young English woman. 

In 1600, the Queen of England christened Sir Thomas Smythe’s trading company, the East India Company, which would soon become the largest company in the world, with over 55,000 employees. 

Forrest would later train his son, Nigel, to take over the company, which was now being devastated in the trade routes, by the East India Company’s relentless and ruthless business practices. 

Sur Family

Set in the early 17th century with a culminating backdrop of the uprising of the Cossacks and serfs, led by Bohdan Khmelnitsky.  

Bohdan’s story is told through the eyes and experiences of his lifelong friend, Vlad Sur.  

Vlad would finally fall in love with a beautiful woman from Germany, named Inara.  They would have their first child Inga, in the Fall, six months after Rigel was born.    

Vlad eventually partners with Nigel’s expanding trade network to control the goods coming into the region and to help Vlad have influence with Poland and Russia.  

The Aristocrats

Rigel and Inga are highly sought after for their ability to entertain and amplify every environment with energy and intriguing games, ideas, perspectives, and political insights. 

Their charisma, beauty, and entertaining manner, truly resonate with elite hosts in the entire region.   

The aristocrats and politicians seek them as star guests and even create events to coax them into bringing their unique games, which include local clue-based treasure hunts, for highly sought-after prizes secured via their trade networks. 


The Story of Family...The Story of Love


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